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Man, and more precisely his Subconscious,
always looks for symbols to represent
the fundamental but inexpressible concepts of Existence.

One possibility is a circle, approached by or resting upon two converging lines.

This icon tries to symbolize Evolution,
Global Consciousness and Conscious Integration.

The two converging lines evoke the integrative tendency
of the universal evolution towards complexification.
The image refers to a long road (in perspective), a mountain
or a pyramid culminating in the light of the sun.

The circle also evokes the consciousness,
the hypothesis of a divine Being interacting with us,
and Teilhard's "Omega Point".

The symbol can also be seen as a source of rays,
inviting, guiding and comforting us
to realize the deepest sense of our existence.

And, perhaps most striking,
it looks like the combination of two "psi's" (Y)
and what is Noosphere else than synergy of several minds?

The first letter of some other important notions is suggested:
G(lobal), P(eace), P(ositive), Q(uest), R(ealization).

But, as with every symbol,
many other interpretations may be significant.

Independently, some artists got the same intuition:

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