Integration of comments
on a scheme by Rudolf SEIBERL

The Comments

(16 June 2002, Kris Roose) When we compare Rudolf's Scheme with the one of Teilhard/Wildiers, we could add a column. From this it appears that Rudolf adds two phases to Teilhard's scheme: the pre-alpha and the post-omega phases. The evolution proper is described by Rudolf's phases 2-9. Compared with Teilhard, he groups some pre-human phases, which along him probably don't differ in their Energy State, Transformation Process and Without Indicator indicator apsects. Teilhard grouped phases 1-5 into his lithophase (also called geophase, physiophase, lithosphere, etc.), phases 6-8 into his biophase (biogenesis, biosphere), and phase 9 into his noophase (noogenesis, noosphere).

I think it is a good idea to add phases 1 and 10, although I think there is no evolution within these phases, and they should perhaps rather be referred to as states. On the contrary, grouping the pre-human phases, and splitting up the Noosphere phase into 4 phases is not without conceptual danger. Personally, I should prefer subphases within the noogenesis.

Furthermore, the levels of Teilhard have the advantage that they are strictly objective: each new layer demonstrates that one single complexification step has occurred: the building stones of each level are the individual elements of the previous phase, without any exception. Homo is a complexification in the 8th degree, our socialization is a complexification in the 9th degree.

1 pre-alpha Alpha-God
beyond time/space dimension 
Divine Intention of the Human Project
Natural Law setting
Natural Laws
2 1 (strings)
2 (quarks)
3 (particles)
4 (atoms)
= lithophase (in part)
 Elementary particles Radiation Light, Heat
3 5 (molecules)
= lithophase (in part)
Inanimate Matter Mechanical, thermal, chemical, electro-magnetical Movement, change of physical state,
Heat, electrical discharge, orientation
4 6 (eobionts)
7 (protozoa)
= biophase (in part)
Sense-Conscious Matter Biological communication,
Life reproduction,
social interactions
5 8 (metazoa)
= biophase (in part)
Emotive-Conscious Matter Nervous System communication Animal life
6 9 (socialization)
=noophase (in part)
Self-Conscious Matter Knowledge communication Homo Sapiens
community expansion
7 9 (socialization)
=noophase (in part))
Planetary-Conscious Matter Noospheric network communication Personalization/Integration,
Noospheric Society,
common multireligious faith
8 9 (socialization)
=noophase (in part)
Spirit-Conscious Matter Mysticism, Spiritual Love Solution of the problem of evil,
Earthly Paradise Society
9 9 (socialization)
=noophase (in part)
Spirit-Conscious Field
beyond time/space dimension
Spiritual Life Non local being and
Spiritual trip experiences 
10 post-omega Omega-God Divine Human Project achievement Concept of  Parusia

Posted 3 May 2002, this page 16 June 2002