What is Spirituality?

(An evocation)

Spirituality is the art of provoking within ourselves intense experiences
that bring us in touch with the essence of reality
and stimulate us to attain the highest levels
of human functioning.

Spirituality is feeling the untouchable,
seeing the invisible...

To realize this, the three fundamental functions of human mind have to be activated,
namely thinking, feeling and doing.
This can be symbolized by Wisdom, Beauty and Strength.

Thinking reaches its highest level when we are conscious of
the fundamental sense and processes of being and the universe
and its core energy that directs us to integration and happiness.

Feeling reaches its highest level when we experience the beauty of
nature, existence, creativity, love, art, harmony, peace
and everything that exists and can be brought into existence.

Doing reaches its highest level when we fully participate in
the responsible care, construction and perfection
of positive and useful things, relationships, structures and organisations
and try to leave a better world than we've found.

Some important conditions to attain this elevated state of mind include:
an indestructible belief in our latent capacities, and those of things and people around us;
the art of guiding our mind towards reflection, achievement and enjoying;
the faculty of metabolizing frustration, pain and despair
the ability and willingness to grow towards the real Me that hides inside us.

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