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A think-tank with plausible ideas for a better future of Mankind
A wiki website for P2P people and other creative psychosocial thinkers

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This website aims to become an integrative think-tank and communication tool for people who are reflecting creatively about a better future for humanity.

As the splendid Wikipedia site limits itself to facts of the past and some of the present, excluding all not yet universally accepted concepts, and as the scientific world tends to limit the qualification of "plausible" to theories that can be calculated and reprocuded in the laboratory, so de facto excluding innovative psychosocial theories and reliable thoughts about the next stage of human evolution (Teilhard called this the Noosphere), we strongly need a website where plausible and useful ideas about perhaps the most important of all questions -man's happiness in a better future- can be collected, elaborated and shared by the general public.

The technique of integration, intuitively applied by the classical philosophers and scientists, reintroduced by Hegel with his thesis / antithesis / synthesis theory, and consciously used by postmodern thinkers from Whitehead to Wilber, appears to be the best tool to construct such a website.

This integrative logic -a tool to elaborate a creative synthesis of apparently divergent ideas and projects- has many advantages, including:

  1. useful ideas from the most diversified background are brought together into one coherent site.
  2. offering a tool to render such creative ideas as plausible as theories from the natural sciences. The integration method is a reliable alternative scientific method to ensure plausibility where the methods of natural science can't be easily applied, e.g. in the psychosocial sciences.

Visitors are invited to add new pages to this site, and to improve existing ones. Apart from the topic, there is only one (relative) condition: an integrative style should be used.

To edit these site pages, a key is required, just to keep out automative advertisement pirates. The w ord is reproduced below. One letter is missing, but an interested visitor of this site will immediately get it. Or send an email to webmaster Kris Roose, kroose ampersand psy dot cc, with some personal information.

Please note that this HOMEPAGE and the pages which are NOT yet in WIKI format can't be edited with this password.