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Lawrence "Lorenzo" HAGERTY


Born in Illinois, 1942, Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame in 1964, US Naval officer in Viet-Nam, worked as an electrical engineer while attending Law school at night in Houston, Texas. Graduated in August 1972. Practiced law in Houston, Texas.

He had come to the practice of law with ideas of changing the world, but became disillusioned when he realized that people who wanted to change their lives, first must change their attitudes about life. Started marketing sales training. Worked for several leading companies, serving in various positions including technical writer, multimedia software developer and product manager for an Internet security product line.

He took a leave of absence to finish writing The Spirit of the Internet. Not only has the Internet changed many of the rules for doing business, it has also begun to change the way people think about their connectivity with others and about how their individual actions are affecting the Earth.

He presently spends his time consulting for companies that are intent on becoming the agents for change in a world that is changing at an incredible pace.

(From an autobiography)


The Spirit of the Internet is a wake-up call to the entire human species. The symbiosis between humans and the technology we are creating has our species poised between utopian paradise and global ecological disaster. Only by expanding the current limitations on human consciousness will we be able to develop the solutions required for our species to survive for another millenium.

He explains in everyday language how the Internet works and some of its future possibilities. He also describes different aspects of spirit as manifest in the Internet community. Throughout the book, speculations about the Internet, the noosphere, virtual reality, shamanic plants, and other seemingly unrelated domains are woven into a fascinating tapestry of thought about the evolving Gaian consciousness that is beginning to envelop the planet.

Many of the ideas in this book are speculative. For example, the concept of an ephemeral “sphere of mind” encapsulating the Earth, as originally theorized as "Noosphere" by Teilhard de Chardin in 1938, is not a mainstay in most established schools of thought.

[His approach] provides a timely, positive message for those who are looking for ways to engage in the ongoing global discussions about the direction in which our technology seems to be leading us.

[From a presentation of The Spirit of the Internet]


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