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Alexander et al, Higher Stages of Consciousness Development

Armour and Browing, Systems-Sensitive Leadership.

A Spiral Dynamics book on leadership and diversity in the church.
Beck, Don and Cowan, Chris, "Spiral Dynamics"

Beck, Don and Graham Linscott, "The Crucible"

Berman, Morris, "Coming to Our Senses"

Crittenden, Jack Beyond Individualism

Reconstituing the liberal self
D'Sousa, Dinesh,"The End of Racism".
A book which exemplifies an internal-causation (conservative) view of politics -- and in particular race issues. The polar opposite of external-causation (Left) approaches. The answer, of course, is to integrate and create the best of both worlds.
Ferrer, Jorge, "Revisioning Transpersonal theory"
A participatory vision of human spirituality. Is this the Green meme's alternative to Wilber?!
Friedman, Thomas, "The Lexus and the Olive Tree".

Garrisson, Jim  "Civilisation and the transformation of power".

Gebser, Jean "The Ever-Present Origin".

Habermas, Jurgen Between Facts and Norms: Contributions to a Discourse Theory of Law and Democracy

Harrison and Huntingdon (eds) Culture Matters

How values shape human progress.
Huntingdon, Samuel, "The Clash of Civilisations and Remaking of World Order".

Kegan, Robert In Over our heads

Linscott, Graham Uhuru and Renaissance - South African in a new century

Moyer, Bill Doing Democracy

Murphy, Michael and Leonard, George The Life we are Given

Rather lacks any social/political side to be called Integral Transformative Practice, from my point of view though!
Roszak, Theodore Flicker

Ray, Paul and Anderson, Sherry Ruth, "The Cultural Creatives"

Fukuyama, Francis,  "The End of History and the Last Man".

Wade, Jenny, "Changes of Mind, a holonomic theory of the evolution of consciousness"

Ross, Sara, "The seven habits of highly successful Integral Public Practice"

(hopefully one day soon! My unsubtle title suggestion!!)
Schwartz , Tony, "What Really Matters - searching for wisdom in America".

Torbert, Bill et al Personal and Organisational Transformation".

Walsh, Roger, "Essential Spirituality".

Webster, Alan, "Spiral of Values"

New Zealand SD book, reworking Inglehart's respected world values surveys to obtain usable data).
Wilber, Ken
The Collected Works of Ken Wilber. Shambhala Publications.
Vol 1.- The Spectrum of Conciousness. No Boundary. Selected Essays.
Vol 2.- The Atman Project. Up from Eden.
Vol 3.- A Sociable God. Eye to Eye.
Vol 4.- Transformation of Conciousness. Integral Psychology. Selected Essays
Vol 5.- Grace and Grit.
Vol 6.- Sex, Ecology, Spirituality.
Vol 7.- A brief History of Everithing. The Eye of Spirit.
Vol 8.- The marriage of Sense and Soul. One Taste.
Wilber, Ken "Boomeritis"

Wilber, Ken "A Theory of Everthing "

Wilber, Ken "Sex, Ecology Spirituality "

Wilber, Ken "Up From Eden "

Wilber, Ken "Integral Psychology "

Wilber, Ken "A Brief History of Everything "

Williams , Mark, "The 10 Lenses - your guide to living and working in a multicultural world".

An approach with parallels to Spiral Dynamics - 'SD-lite', as it were. An online version of the 10 Lenses test is available here
Wilpert, Greg "The Developing Globe" (seeking a publisher)

Zimmerman, Michael "Contesting Earth's Future"