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Recent Google Links on Integral Politics

The Links on Integral Politics, found by a Google Search
Tikkun Homepage
The Integral Politics Website of Greg Wilpert
Integral Institute
Homepage for Ken Wilber's Integral Institute -- aiming to bring together
many of the leading edge Integral thinkers in the world today.
Ken Wilber's own website
A fantastic source of in-depth articles, interviews etc. Not to be missed.
World of Ken Wilber
Invaluable site produced by Frank Visser.  Articles, reviews, core concepts, Integral Initiatives around the world etc.
Core Concepts of Integral Thinking and Integral Politics
From Visser's portal
Spiral Dynamics
The original Spiral Dynamics site.
Humber MeshWORKs
Keith Rice's increasingly impressive site - outlining his use of Spiral Dynamics/Integral concepts in regional community development on Humberside, UK.
Global Integral Research
Global Integral Research offers leadership and management training  programs, coaching, seminars, research , and public policy consulting based on the principles of integral thinking . All programs are designed to enhance individual, organizational, institutional and community development.
Integral Age
Provides introductions to the latest theories, practices, and  cultural intimations of Integral consciousness - including articles, reviews, and interviews from leading exponents of this emerging worldview.
Inspiral World
A new  Spiral Dynamics/Integral organisation launched by Dr Robin Wood (of the London Business School), Chris Cooke and Dave Yaffey. Its launch event was a conference on Integral Leadership in London -- with speakers including Don Beck, Ichak Adizes and  Bob Garrett.
The 10 Lenses
An approach with parallels to Spiral Dynamics - 'SD-lite', as it were, pioneered by Mark Williams, CEO of the Diversity Channel and author of The 10 Lenses - your guide to living and working in a multicultural world".   An online version of The 10 Lenses test is available. The really interesting bit is the 11th lens....
The Integration Website
This website aims at developing a thesaurus of Integrative Knowledge, and tends to be a link between people thinking, feeling and acting inspired by a Noospheric Consciousness, spontaneously seeking to contact each other, and contributing to a local, global and cosmic integration.
Advanced Integrative Discussions on Integral Topics
Some not political topics, discussed from an integral point of view, and structured along an integrative style.

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